Understanding Video Poker

video poker

While playing poker at a virtual online table is enthralling, a nice private video poker session can be just as rewarding. First of all, the benefits of playing video poker in an actual casino can be applied to virtual video poker as well. Because you are playing against a computer, you don’t have the competitive stress that accompanies impatience and time restraints that other live players inflict. Even better than in real-world casinos, online video poker players also have the leisure of using a video poker simulator that can predict outcomes and advise your plays. This allows for play with perfect strategy! What more can you ask for?

Choosing a Game

When choosing your virtual video poker machine, use the same discretion as when choosing a machine at an actual casino—go for the ones with the biggest payouts. The trouble is, however, many online casinos do not display their payout schedules, but thanks to the Internet, again there are external sites that will predict the payout schedules of select virtual casinos. One thing you should not assume about video poker, however, is that it is merely a game of luck. It is arguably a game of skill and can be mastered, unlike slots.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma a virtual video poker player faces is what game to play. Some of the more popular ones include Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Whatever game you choose, the most important thing you can familiarize yourself with before placing your first bet, is the pay-out table that indicates the winning pay outs based on your. As stated earlier, these pay-out schedules may not be indicated on the site and may sometimes require further investigation outside of a virtual casino’s website.
Now that you’ve done your homework and decided which game to play and on which site, it’s time to play! The basic rules and hands are concurrent with any other poker game, but you’ll still want to study some strategy tables too. Here are a few tips for some popular video poker games that can be applied at the real-world casino or at the virtual casino at your home computer.

Tips to get you Started

Game: Jacks or Better
Tip: Never hold a “kicker” (this is high card that accompanies a pair).
Game: Deuces Wild
Tip: Never hold a single card—even if it’s an Ace! The only exception is a Deuce—there is no use for “high cards” in Deuces Wild (and by the way, NEVER discard a Deuce—even when you have a chance at a natural royal).
Tip: Never hold two pair. Let one go and draw three new cards.
Tip: The ideal hand in this game is 4-of-a-kind—but watch out, they only surface once about every 15 hands).

Of course, you can’t win every time, but I can’t stress enough the value of game-unique strategy charts in video poker. Playing video poker virtually opens up many strategy techniques and opportunities to learn the charts and the games before you take them out on the road!


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